Customer insights training

Make your product and marketing more successful with customer insights.

​Learn how to gather customer insights with hands-on UX research methods, tools and processes.


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Because our training is given in English, this page is in English : )

In this fast paced 2-day training we will teach you how to integrate UX research skills and methods into your daily work. Knowing what process to follow, which techniques to apply and what tools to use lies within the heart of our training.

​We take care of:

  • A well-balanced mixture of theory and practices
  • ​​Centrally located training location in Amsterdam
  • Coffee, tea, drinks, healthy snacks and a delicious lunch

After this training you are able to gather valuable customer insights. Qualitative insights using different interview techniques, user testing methods and surveys. And quantitative​ insights using online tools such as Hotjar and UsabilityHub.

As well you will know how to spread the customer centric mindset and how to make impact within your organisation using customer insights.

2-day customer insights training


9.30 – 17.30

  • ​Why customer insights
  • The customer centric mindset
  • UX research process
  • Mapping your customers
  • ​Customer journey’s
  • Gathering qualitative insights
  • User interview techniques
  • ​Proposition testing
  • Usability testing
  • Co-generative research

9.30 – 17.30

  • Surveys and online feedback tools
  • Online user testing tools
  • Gathering quantitive insights
  • Online analysis tools
  • Integrate UX research in your work
  • Turn customer insights into business success
  • Drinks and certification
Customer insights training

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Why learn UX research skills?

UX research is at the forefront of agile innovation. There is a growing demand for UX research skills at customer centric companies. Apart from learning these skills to improve business success, it’s also valuable for your career.

  • Only companies who understand their customers are able to make beloved products and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Only companies who make beloved products and effective marketing campaigns can stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Customer insights help you make better products and grow your business – and career!

Why learn with us?

Our step by step program is designed for you to start gathering customer insights straight away. The trainers at Always be learning are customer insight specialists with a solid experience in different parts of UX research, product design and marketing.

  • Fast paced lessons with hands-on exercises to own the skills and mindset.
  • Get practical tools and methods you can start with straight away​.
  • Small classes to get maximum personal attention.

The trainers

Pieter Koenis

UX research

Arjun Mali

UX design

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Customer insights


31 Jan & 07 Feb 2020



Customer insights


25 Sept & 2 Oct 2020

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Who benefits from this training?

Product team members
…who want to make better products with a user centric approach.

Marketeers and Growth hackers
…who want higher retention and conversion-rates.

Start-up owners
……who want to create the most valuable version of their business idea.

Visual designers
…who want to give more meaning to their designs.

Business people
…who always thought UX is a lot of blah blah, but want to see how UX can help grow their business.

People looking for a career change
…who want to enter a growing market with lots of opportunities.


Are the classes in Dutch or in English?

There will always be at least one Dutch speaking teacher to explain in Dutch when needed

Do I get a certificate when I successfully complete the training?

Yes, you will get a certificate when you successfully complete the training, including a summary of all skills and knowledge learned.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are handled through the Eventbrite platform.
We accept Ideal, Credit Card and SEPA-incasso.
If you need an invoice for your company, please contact us.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

When you withdraw 7 days before the training start date, you get 100% refund.
After 7 days before the training start date refunds are no longer possible.

I have no experience with UX research at all, is this training for me?

The training is structured in such a way that no prior knowledge of UX research is necessary. If you are eager to learn about gathering customer insights and motivated to adopt the customer-centred mindset, this training is just right for you.

Do I have to prepare myself for the training?

You will need to bring a laptop and mobile phone on which you can install programs.
And an open mind with some empty headspace to learn new things, of course  : )

Are there homework assignments?

​A homework assignment will be given after the first training day. This will take about 2-4 hours of time investment.

Are lunch, drinks and snacks included?

Yes! We take good care of you so you can get the most out of the day. We provide coffee, thee, (healthy) snacks and lunch. If you have any diet preferences, please let us know at your registration.

What is the minimum number of registrations?

The training takes place with a minimum of 5 registrations.